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Since starting on my journey as a doula, I have come across some incredible and inspiring women. Lindsey Bliss is one of those women. A mother of six and a doula after my own heart. What the ladies at carriage house are doing for Brooklyn is an inspiration. I urge you to follow along.

Lindsey Bliss- Her name rolls off the tongue and her spirit is palpable even through text.

Co-director of Carriage House Birth and mother of six on Motherhood.

My biggest goal as a mother is to raise good people. I want to raise my children to be empathetic towards others. I get so discouraged by encountering

unnamed-6people who are self-absorbed and wasteful. Our planet needs people who care about one another and contribute to a greater good. I watch the news and  see young men and women throwing their lives away because of violence, drugs, and a complete disregard for other human beings. It’s really heartbreaking. My daughter Mia told me when she was 5 years old that she wants to be a subway performer and make money break dancing. She told me that she would use all the money to buy food and toys for kids that are homeless. It made me so proud that I made a person that cares so deeply about others.

I don’t care if my kids are the smartest, richest, prettiest, or financially successful people. I just want them to be good people. I want them to have big beautiful hearts. Leading by example is the most effective way to teach your children to be givers. I work hard everyday to try to be the best person I can be. Some days I struggle and fail but I keep trying. No one is perfect but showing effort and compassion is a great place to start. Here’s to growing those big beautiful hearts!

A bit about me- I am a birth doula and mother of six (teenage step-daughter is not pictured). I pride myself on being “the” multiples expert after giving birth to and breastfeeding two sets of twins. Yes two sets! My interest in childbirth began at an early age due to my mother teaching natural childbirth classes to expecting couples out of my family’s childhood home. I regularly used and understood the word uterus at the ripe age of three. I am very passionate about my role as a mother and a birth doula. My goal as a birth doula is to encourage and empower expecting Mommas and/or couples by having informed birthing experiences. Knowing what your choices are and how you feel about them enable you to have an amazing birth. Showing unwavering support and gentle guidance have proved to greatly benefit the doula clients I have worked with. I have the best job in the world as a Mommy & doula.





Carriage House Birth


Samantha Huggins (Birth Doula-Co-director), Domino Kirke (Birth Doula-Co-Director), Lindsey Bliss (Birth Doula-Co-Director) of Carriage House Birth

In the traditional model of doula care in the United States, a family would engage one independent doula to support them throughout their birth process. From prenatal care, through birth and postpartum care. While this is still the model in most cases, an important element of care has been left out… the village. Once there were many women supporting the mother through her journey, including labor experts, herbalists, and postpartum caretakers.

At Carriage House Birth, we recreate that village.

Carriage House Birth strives to provide women with a family system. The success of our model is grounded in the cultivation of relationships among the members of our collective. We believe that it is imperative for our birth doulas, postpartum doulas, body workers and placenta encapsulationists to all interact with each other so that they feel comfortable with calling on one another for support. This approach weaves our in-house relationships into a fabric that provides unwavering support for the families we tend… And to complete the Carriage House Birth vision, we bring it all together under one cozy roof.
The Carriage House Birth Space is a womb-like store front that is located in the heart of our actual village- Williamsburg, Brooklyn.image-3

The space is a meeting place, where a doula is always present. Classes and workshops are held, bodywork and treatments are offered, pregnancy, birth or family photography may be arranged and a carefully curated corner of prenatal and postpartum essentials will be available for purchase. All this born out of a true need to have a home away from home for expecting families, birth workers and parents alike.

This place is where birth dreams come true. Women supporting women. In doula work it is difficult to work alongside a family without feeling attached. Being present during the birth of new life and feeling the moment with the mother… It takes you to a different place. The decision to hire a doula isn’t always an easy one. If I have one word of advice it would be “connection”. Feeling connected to this person is a feeling that must be present. She will hold your hand and push with you, she will cry when your sweet babe crosses the threshold, and she will remember your birth for the rest of her life.


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Connecting with women no matter how far they may be- can make an incredible difference in your life. Whether it’s a doula client or an Instagram mom…. Reach out. You just might get something great back.


Xo Kat

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