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Motherhood Journal Entry // Carley

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Striking and graceful are the first two words that come to mind when I think of Carley. I remember the first photo I had the pleasure of laying my eyes on (The last photograph in this set) – I was completely awe struck. Beautiful and glowing with this love and complete sureness. Her photos are a feast for the eyes – her words equally grabbing your attention as you move through the lines.

Carley on Motherhood // 

Motherhood is no joke. It’s a wild ride… more fun than I expected, but more challenging too. It’s the type of challenge that brings great growth though. Never before have I experienced something so polarizing. It’s a constant balancing act of pre-planning and going with the flow. Being prepared but rolling with the punches. You find yourself in motherhood, but you also get lost in it. Motherhood can make your life feel complete, but it also leaves you longing for the person you once were. The person that you’ve left behind. 1

I knew I’d be teaching my son about life as he grew, but I’m continually surprised to find myself learning and growing as well. We closely watch and celebrate each time our babies pass a developmental milestone, but as mothers we also have to acknowledge the changes in ourselves. In my son’s short life so far, I’ve become less selfish, more patient and more nurturing.


Becoming a mother has helped me understand what’s important and what isn’t. What to fight for and what to let go of. It’s a valuable life lesson that I desperately needed to learn, and I’m not sure anything but motherhood could have truly taught me this. As your priorities shift, the things that were once a concern to you are now seemingly insignificant. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. This phrase takes on an entirely different meaning once you welcome a child into your life. Part of becoming a mother is realizing all of those clichés are true.



“They grow up so fast. Cherish every moment. I didn’t know I could love someone so much.”

It’s true I didn’t know I could love someone so much. I love him so much that it’s sometimes painful. Like when my heart feels so full it might burst.

I’d been told about the love a mother feels for her child, but something so deep and all consuming can only be experienced, not described.

I want to tuck him under my wing and keep him safe for all of time, but I’m excited to watch him spread his own wings as well. For now I just breathe in his sticky sweetness as often as I can, knowing it won’t last forever.


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